All Natural Serums

These serums are 85% organic and suit all skin types. They are excellent for balancing skin tone, soothing troubled skin, and sensitive skin. The effects of the pure essential oils combinations are uniquely formulated for inspiring you to be your best!

Unité Sérum

Unscented and ideal for sensitive skin and around the eyes.


Integrité Sérum

A combination of basil, celery, and mint. This serum strengthens resolve, lifts spirits, and roots for you all the way!

Simplicité Sérum

A blend of lavender, grapefruit, and lemongrass. Relax and soothe your senses to bring the big picture into focus.

Empathie Sérum

A flowery twist of geranium, ylang-ylang, and cardamom. Bring connection like a flower opening to the sun.

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My skin glows

I love this serum. My skin glows.

Mary (Ontario)
Review for Simplicité

It really does relax and calm me

I received Simplicity Serum as a birthday gift and can’t get enough of it!! I want them all!! It really does relax and calm me. I love to put some on my face before bed!!

Lakeisha Roberts
Review for Simplicité

My skin is soft and silky

Her products are simply amazing. I buy a new bottle every second month and my skin is soft and silky.

Melanie Kis
Review for Simplicité

Great product

Great product, delivered promptly. Gave some to a friend.

Review for Sérum Collection


Love, love, love.

Simon Park
Review for Empathie


THIS IS THE BEST!! I wish I had never bought it for gifts because now it is EXPECTED. I get it for every holiday, every non-holiday, every get-together!! (Just kidding I don’t mind) it is like LOVE packaged in a cute little tin. It is the PERFECT GIFT.

Evvie Lightpirate
Review for Foot Cream

OMG, it’s Amazing! I Love It!

After I had Ava, my friend bought her diapers, milk, and stuff. I’ll forever be grateful of her. And she got me things as well from her company. I had foot cream and serums. I finally got to try them.

THEY’RE AMAZING!! I have bleached hair, I used it on my hair, my hair is extremely soft. And my face, well my whole Annette body, feels happy and amazing. ? I’ll definitely try it on Ava.

Annette-Daisy Trapper
Review for Simplicité, Unité, and Foot Cream

Natural Beauty

Is it just me, as I am, an #aunatural beauty, or did I have a lil bit of help from “BEAUTÉ” for my, “long hair ~ I do or don’t care”.

JS Mama Kamala
Review for Beauté

I woke up like this!

It feels so healthy, looks shiny, and the perfect loose wave – looks like I just stepped out of the salon after a blowdry/curling my hair. But no bad heat and heavy products on my hair!

Debra Eve Greenblatt-Dupuis
Review for Beauté

Holy shine!

When you feel good you look good.

A beautiful beams in a selfie using Simplicité Serum.
Julia Aviles
Review for Beauté

It is magic!!

Adaptabilité is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. NOTHING and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO other product has been able to heal my hands this well or quickly unless I put on a ton of it and kept my hands in gloves ALL NIGHT. I just smeared a bit on my hands over the last couple of days and the difference has been very noticeable.

Kripa Nageshwar

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