An Essential Treat for Your Feet

Reflexology is widely known to significantly reduce stress while aligning the body’s energy systems to promote healing. This ancient therapeutic method can generate healing for a variety of stress-related conditions that include allergies, headaches, circulation problems, hormonal imbalances, lower back pain, insomnia, and immune system deficiency. Ms. Reilkoff has extensive experience in providing results to clients seeking relief from a variety of ailments by assisting the innate healing process allowing for health.

By using pressure points on the feet and a continuous massage technique called thumb walking, most clients experience deep relaxation. Reflexology can function as a preventative measure against various imbalances and conditions.

Memory is a physiological phenomenon and can be accessed through bodywork. Working on the feet allows a grounded and safe modality in the healing of the spirit via the body and its life experiences.

Most individuals feel well-rested and energized following a reflexology session with Ms. Reilkoff. Having practiced since 2008, Ms. Reilkoff has perfected a non-invasive method that encourages mental calm for physical healing within a soothing and gentle atmosphere.



Immune strengthening


Pain management and reduction


Moving of the lymphatic system


Deep relaxation and better sleep cycles




Increased recuperation


Regular Sessions



Students and Seniors



Sliding Scale


$75 – $85 *


*Up to 4 sessions per year.

Referral Program

Refer 1 client:

Get 10$ off your next reflexology session


Refer 2 clients:

Get $25 off your next reflexology session


Refer 3 clients:

Get your next reflexology session at 50% off!

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