Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Matters.

Lifestyle Naturopathy honours your privacy and places the utmost importance on honesty, integrity, and clarity.

Lifestyle Naturopathy adheres to its association’s Code of Ethics.

The collection of any personal data is to gain an understanding of each individual and use that information to create a naturopathic protocol unique to them and to follow the mandate of Quebec’s Law 25.

Any third party (testing labs) is bound to their code of ethics, privacy policies and local laws.

Lifestyle Naturopathy will take precautions to reduce the risk of a data breach.


To Whom This Privacy Policy Applies:

The staff of Lifestyle Naturopathy and its management.


Required Consent

Clients of Lifestyle Naturopathy must sign and date the consent form for the collection of personal information.

Lifestyle Naturopathy will disclose to the client to whom and why any personal information may be shared, such as the discussion with a lab for results analysis, before the discussion with the lab.


Data Processing

Collected data will be used solely for supporting the client and Lifestyle Naturopathy will seek to use the client’s own words and descriptions in the collection of information.

Consent will be requested for any other purpose except if the information is required by law.

Implications of suicidal tendencies, risk of deemed serious self-harm or threats to others, and child abuse will follow guideline 6 in the Code of Ethics.


Disposal of Collected Data

All collected data about the individual, whether on paper, hard drive or cloud storage will be deleted permanently.

Data remains confidential and will be destroyed five years following the closure of a file.

Files that have not been accessed or updated in one year are considered closed for one year.


Person Responsible for Collected Data

Nicole Reilkoff serves as the appointed person responsible for the protection and confidentiality of personal information collected.

Please contact her with any questions:

Phone: 514 651 8382


Reporting of Incidents

In the event of a data breach, a report will be generated that will be recorded in the register.

Clarification will be given on the risks of the breach.

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