Comprehension of modern evolution and the design of the human body leads to looking at the complex of life: physically, socially, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually -we are inherently connected to the ills of the environment, of flora and fauna, of drinking water and our beliefs.  Lifestyle Naturopathy takes a stance in identifying the responsibility of individuals seeking wellness by understanding the whole message. This combines the ‘WE’ as well as the ‘ME’.

Our genetic inheritance is not separate from our beliefs. Genomic expression interacts with nutritional choices, physical activity and behaviours. Lifestyle Naturopathy takes strategic approaches in enhancing health by personalizing and mapping your naturopathic protocol.

Choosing to embark on the naturopathic journey is the choice to embody one’s self wholly, to understand emotional and mental connections to physical manifestations. Choosing health takes determination, time and information. Through research methods, conversation and practical application of dietary changes, supplementation, relaxation and focus one can and does heal.

Lifestyle Naturopathy respects your individual needs and values while ensuring a wholistic path that challenges you to live a clean and fulfilling life. 


Are you ready to get healthy?

Nicole will help you define attainable goals and assist you in your journey towards optimal health.

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