Testing with Lifestyle Naturopathy

A frequent question received from clients involves wanting to know what tests are offered and how much they cost.

Within the first consult, Nicole Reilkoff, ND can help analyze and determine which test(s) offer the most insights that can be utilized and sends a detailed cost for each test.

Nicole works with several labs in Canada and the United States for tests that look at the nutritional profile of a client from several different angles.

Nutrigenomix – Whether it be athletics, fertility or health for longevity, understanding our genetics with respect to food and pharmaceuticals can help in making informed dietary shifts.

Omega DHA in blood and breast milk – For new mothers and for anyone wanting to verify their level of omegas, with or without supplementation.

Heavy Metal Analysis – A classic test that can help to demystify exposure to toxic metals, but will also give insight into overall mineral balances and ratios.

Food Sensitivities Test – Popular and for good reason! This test helps to show what foods illicit an immune response, specifically, IgG antibodies that have shown links to mood, digestive, and auto-immune disorders. Mediator Release Test (MRT) is also available. 

Hormonal Tests – Saliva, blood and urine each provide an in-depth look at understanding hormones and their possible imbalances. Saliva shows the unbound hormones freely circulating. Blood shows the bond hormones. Urine is a mix of hormonal metabolites and excreted hormones. 

Stool analysis – With a discerning eye and a few sniffs, Nicole can tell what imbalances are present. Just kidding!! Your sample is delivered to a lab to determine microbial and fungal dysbiosis, parasites, inflammation markers and other markers such as zonulin, indicative of a leaky gut and many other symptoms.

Neurotransmitters – Concerned about mental health? Testing neurotransmitters can shine light on what factors can be shifted to support long-term health from an array of health conditions.

Nicole Reilkoff, ND has partnered with an MD and Santé Genexia Health to help clients have access to the conventional blood tests wanted (thyroid, lipids, iron, celiac, etc.)

There are many tests that clients receive within their protocols that do not cost anything.

Basal Body Temperature – This test requires taking your armpit temperature immediately upon waking. Over the course of a few days, it can help to better understand the thyroid and over the course of a month, to understand the hormonal fluctuations within the fertility cycle.

Elimination Process – This technique of avoiding suspected food sensitivities for the duration of a few weeks and reincorporating the food(s) can be helpful to assay symptoms that may link to eating certain foods.

Sodium Bicarbonate and HCl – Mixing some baking soda into water and drinking it in the morning mirrors the science experiment of creating volcanos by mixing alkaline NaHCO₃ with an acid like vinegar to create that bubbling eruption. Internally, drinking this mixture creates a similar reaction to your stomach acid. The gas comes up as burps and can help indicate the level of stomach acid present or help detect the deficiency thereof.

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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