Day 29 – 30 Day 30 Chew Challenge

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Health, Mental Health

Managing Body Mass with Conscious Chewing

Whether it be to increase or decrease body mass, conscious chewing is one of the easiest, reliable, and long-term keys to reaching and maintaining goals. For those who struggle with food, body image, and health concerns, choosing to be present when eating is one of the most empowering things that one can do.

  • It is a way of reestablishing power within one’s self.
  • It is a way of participating and cooperating with the body’s intrinsic functioning.
  • It is a way of correctly assessing needs over wants and cravings.
  • It is a way to be present and not disassociated with past traumas.
  • It is a way of life.
  • It is a choice that you can change accordingly.
  • It is your right.

Dealing with the physical body is your personal responsibility. Self-harm, in all its many forms, can seem impossible to overcome. However, by utilizing small and simple abilities, such as chewing, we can lift ourselves out of stinking thinking and find solace in our own company, ready to help others (if needed), and heal by moving into self-love and self-acceptance. The awareness that arrives from chewing consciously, is a gentle reminder to be kind to ourselves, to not ‘bite off more than we can chew’, and ‘spit out’ things that do not please nor nourish us -either with food or in life.


Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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