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An essential treat for your feet and yet -more than that. Foot care can easily be overlooked despite being a pillar of health. Your feet carry you in the direction you want to go towards in life. Caring for your feet is much more than esthetics and pleasure, it rejuvenates your vitality by allowing you to relax in a more wholesome way.

Simple foot care may involve soaking your feet but the most important effort you can provide is a full massage to the dorsal (top) and plantar (bottom) of the feet. The ancient art of reflexology sprung congruently around the globe, with the curious and lovely mapping of the foot reflective of the body. While there are slight variants, as a whole, most eastern traditions illustrate the feet with major commonalities. For example, the inner sides of the feet correspond to the spine, the toes to the head, the arch to the midsection, and so on. Even for those who utterly eschew the idea of these fascinating understanding, the benefits of foot care remain the same. For fuller, deeper sleep, a foot massage before bed is extraordinary. An intensive day ahead? Again, a few moments of foot care can appease a troubled mind leading to better responsiveness.

Within the professional biography of Nicole Reilkoff, ND., she entered into the healing art of reflexology, when as a child, she would massage her feet nightly as a means of self-soothing care before sleeping. It was this recollection that directed her choice into becoming a certified reflexologist, offering sessions and workshops of reflexology.

Foot Cream was created with a formulation to address common foot needs; silky richness for the driest of skin, a smoothing application that allows for a euphoric massage, a clean ingredient list, and designed to nurture skin health.

How to use Foot Cream:

  1. Settle into a comfortable, reclined position that allows you to hold your foot. Keep your foot relaxed at all times.
  2. Use a pea-sized amount to rub between the palms of your hands for an even application.
  3. Apply to the foot.
  4. Once applied, begin massaging the bottom of the foot with your knuckles.
  5. Use your thumbs to criss-cross over the bottom.
  6. Move to the inside of the foot, massage your thumb up along the side of the foot. For any sensitive areas, massage gently while breathing. Massage down from the side of your big toe back down to your heel.
  7. Massage each toe.
  8. Massage the dorsal side of the foot.
  9. Massage the heel in a circular motion then reverse the direction of the circle.
  10. Attend to the outside of your foot and gentle pinch/stroke the outside of the foot.
  11. Gently squeeze the calves up to the back of the knee and back to the foot.
  12. Rub in any remaining cream.

Try dedicating 10 minutes, twice weekly for attentive foot self-care.

Click here to learn more about a 60-minute treatment.

Aside from being the best quality on the market, Foot Cream is locally made, smells amazing, has a melting texture that glides onto feet for a beautiful silky massage and it will leave your feet feeling like they’ve walked on heaven’s clouds.

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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