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Nothing can replace a healthy base. Supplements used in conjunction with healthy eating habits, regular moderate exercise, sleep hygiene and patterns, and basic self-care (grooming and hygiene) will yield excellent results. A good multi-vitamin, an anti-oxidant blend, and omega 3 fatty acids can keep you feeling great and in shape. Perhaps even adding in CLA and protein powder after work-outs to really boost up muscle tone and vigor. However, the reality is is that most people fall prey to overworking, overeating, avoiding exercise and staying up too late and this is where weight gain can really take hold in a seemingly endless loop of hunger, time management issues, issues around body image and social anxiety, plus the social acceptability of drinking alcoholic sugary drinks during the holidays certainly does not help.

…overworking, overeating, avoiding exercise and staying up too late – this is where weight gain can really take hold…

Here are some supplements to consider to help you stay on top of your game, reach your goals and not fall into destructive habits:

  • Blood sugar support – Cinnamon, chromium, probiotics. These keywords are excellent to stave off sugar cravings and over-indulging on the surplus of sweets, fried foods, and pastries.
  • Magnesium – A natural muscle relaxant; magnesium supports healthy blood pressure, regular bowel movements, better sleep and eases muscle cramps.
  • Melatonin – Get to sleep faster and deeper with melatonin. This powerful hormone with anti-oxidant properties can aid in getting a full night’s rest. This can be especially helpful for those working nights. Driving with little to no sleep results in the same disabilities as driving impaired from alcohol and drugs. Use public transit or call Operation Red Nose, (also worth volunteering for if you can!).
  • Adrenal Support – Winter has its own special blend of troubles. Car problems, risks of slipping on ice, discomfort in freezing conditions, less accessibility to outdoor activities, allotting extra time to get and do tasks, and the stress of social/family gatherings can take a toll. Nourish the adrenal glands with herbs like Rhodiola, ashwagandha, holy basilic, and mushroom blends, along with extra doses of vitamin C and a quality B complex.
  • Electrolytes – Drinking adequate amounts of water is far more emphasized in the summer heat. However, in the winter your body is just as reliant on the fluids you intake to monitor and manage your intestinal tract health, such as feeling satiated, having regular and complete defecation, glowing skin and radiant energy. Adding in electrolytes will remind you to drink up and will nourish cells. Learn more about these salts for weight loss by reading this blog post.

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…stay on top of your game, reach your goals.

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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