Maximizing Autumnal Health

Seasonal change is upon us and this equates to certain physiological shifts as well. Our vitamin D levels will continually lower over the next few months, our degree of hunger will increase and our mood will adjust to a lower frequency.

These changes occur with our lovely tilted planet. The amount of sun is greatly diminished and so our ability to make the hormone commonly known as vitamin D is challenged. As the temperature steadily drops our body wisely seeks to build fat reserves for fuel (if so needed) and to pad our bones from the slips that come with icy environments. Our mood will also alter from the high energy of a summer filled with outdoor activity to the calmer and quieter indoors away from cold blowing winds.

A few tips to keep a gentle peace of mind:
Supplement with Vitamin D. I often recommend emulsions, but this is one supplement that doesn’t require a lot of fuss. The source is almost always obtained from the lanolin from sheep’s wool/skin and for those who abstain from animal-sourced ingredients, there are several vegan options available.

Enjoy the bounty of food that is shared over these months and during the holiday season. However, do choose wisely by enjoying whole foods rather than processed quick foods and sugary treats. Try your own hand at baking to use sweeteners that are new to you in traditional recipes. Play with flavours for savoury and satisfying dishes. And share!

For low moods, try writing, journaling, poetry, drawing or colouring. Use the energy that is present in an accepting and productive manner instead of looking for quick boosts that are not sustainable. And rather than wait for the New Year rush to the gym, keep a steady routine of regular exercise.

Do enjoy this gorgeous fall and dress appropriately for the cool weather to maximize your time outdoors!

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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