How Lifestyle Naturopathy Works

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The emotional human body lives as a logical and self-preserving complex of bio-mechanisms. Through the genetic mapping of inherited traits and the course of a lifetime of food, activity and relationships, health manifests itself and communicates through feelings, physical symptoms and energy reserves. Ailments and illness need not be seen as a means of the body working against the individual, but rather a dialogue calling for a conceptual shift towards change.

What sort of changes does a body ask for? Quite often dietary changes, as food serves as the primary basis of cellular building, by means of transcription and protein creation. Epigenetics delves into the understanding of our bodies via nutrient capacities to turn on, turn up, quiet and stop physiologic functions while, at times, structurally changing protein formations and concurrent feedback given by the body. Lifestyle Naturopathy understands the relationship of one’s mental, emotional, physical and conscious being to nutritional intake, exercises done regularly and support networks fostered on loving and caring interactions.

Transcendental revolutionary overhauls of a lifetime of habits and grievances rarely work. Rather, a softer, gentler approach of subtle, simple suggestions can yield long lasting positive results. Benefiting from the vast array of supplements can ease the pressure from seeking to obtain greater amounts of specific vitamins and minerals from food sources, allowing for supplementation utility to act as a support and stepping stone towards forming new patterns and openhearted self-acceptance.

The fascinating drive of methylation, metabolism and energy output for needed emotional management, clarity and awareness, daily reaching of goals, and practice of life affirming principles underlines the mission of Lifestyle Naturopathy for individuals and families. Collaboration with several Canadian labs for clinical assays such as food allergy testing, heavy metal analysis, environmental pollutant levels, Lyme’s disease and a full array of blood tests, as well as connecting with pharmacists, medical doctors and other naturopaths creates a strong alliance and assists in the research done to best serve clients.

Lifestyle Naturopathy creates specific and unique protocol write-ups for each and every clientele. Follow-ups and regular check-ins allows for a fun interchange of information and gives light for further direction and movement towards health and wellbeing. Reflexology on the feet rounds out the services provided for meditative relaxation.

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Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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