Violence Against Women

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Today marks the 25th year since the fatal shootings that took place here in Montreal. Sadly, it has not been the last that this city has suffered. This form of violence and the mentality behind it is not that of an individual but of a culture and of history. While, the scope of change is beyond one-on-one naturopathic counselling, the effort of self-awareness with a focus on self-healing can cause a ripple effect, worldwide.

Women are strong. Strength needn’t be feared but rather accepted and embraced. When the need arises to ask for help, remaining open to being helped is a crucial factor. Humility can be an expression of mental health; to see oneself as neither above or below others and to act accordingly. When faced with the rage that comes with a sense of unaccepted powerlessness, resentments build and lives are destroyed. Working with a attitude change to seek out the growth and lesson learned can shift negative perspectives to a more harmonious acceptance and thus a release of fear.

Does diet play a role within ending violence against women? In many ways, yes. So much of the food in circulation has it’s roots in violence. Mass raising and slaughter of animals for their meat, corrupt land grabs that deprive families of their rights and heritage, underpaid workers exposed to high levels of toxins, global warming and extreme weather shifts – each of these factors affect the food that is delivered at a fast food restaurant and affects the individual. Consider, for example, the biomagnification of toxic heavy metals in the trophic cascade, what starts out as seemingly ecologically removed from our immediate environment is not so, also, the heavy dosing of animals with antibiotics plays havoc on our own flora.

Choosing to make conscientious food choices is a factor for self-love and respect. Choosing to stop turning a blind eye towards the suffering of others and be openminded to learn a new way to live can increase confidence in one’s self to make positive decisions. Choosing to drop the day to day routine and become a farmer and toil with hard work and reap the rewards…well, maybe that’s a bit far off for most of us, but we can choose to support local organic farms.

Life is filled with choice. Being aware is the first step. Acceptance is the second. Taking action based on the first two is the way towards inner-peace and health.

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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