It may not yet be time to slam the door on animal research.

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I never thought I might post a blog supporting the efforts of animal research. I followed a staunch vegan lifestyle for seven years. I was an activist in the name of the unheard screams of the animals cruelly made victims of the medical and cosmetic industry.

Today I am less condemning of others. I have not slipped back into a denial of the shambles of the food industry, nor the inhumane crimes committed against animals; I do have a greater awareness of the key biological assets that animal testing does present. I have focused on enhancing my belief in the inherent worth of the human conscience and humanities consciousness. I believe that the individuals involved in medical animal testing are on the intrigue of science, the competitive drive to discover and to better the world that generations to come are subject to inherent.

I do not believe in the collective demonizing and punishment of scientists –who are these individuals, so seemingly opportunistic, cold, sadistic and inhuman? These are men and women who care. They work. They observe while balancing compassion for their animal subjects and the hope to further understand the why of illnesses; as well as, to discover ways to abate suffering and maybe even one day find a cure.

Speciesism and the value of sentience are indeed valid and worthy of vigilant consideration. Every effort must be made to obtain the answer of whether animal testing is truly the highest means for critical research. Every effort ought to be made to utilize technology in place of the demise of animals. Every effort ought to be made to minimize any undue pain.

So many of the clinical studies I read, especially those published decades ago, with data still of a correct standing carried out experiments on animals. The research data on genetic SNPs, cloning and epigenetics carry the need for animal testing for comprehension as well as so many areas of research.

If we feel emotionally moved by the sight of animal suffering we need not to turn our eyes but to continue to demand stringent protocols. We can request research be done on human volunteers, on computer generated tissue and to support humane companies that refuse to animal test.

Case by case: looking at the potential, the purpose and the probabilities we can abstain from choosing sides and rather recognize our own day to day roles; we can support, through the direct action of where we choose to spend money, by what best meets our individual values.

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff ND

Nicole Reilkoff certified Naturopath and reflexologist, offers her professional bilingual, services from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex situated in Montréal.




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