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Professional Naturopathic Services

Understand the requests of your body through communicative symptoms and clinical assays and meet your specific health goals with the best nutritional support using whole foods and supplements.


Treat your feet to deep relaxation using pressure points and massage techniques, along with guided meditation, to significantly help with stress management via one hour of dedicated self-care.


Learn practical skills in fun, dynamic and participatory workshops. Invite your friends to join you in an array of heal-yourself classes to team efforts in creating new and exciting useful home products.

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Symptoms as Language

Understand your body with a detailed health intake, including an analysis of lifestyle choices.

Hormonal Assays

Accurate testing to support the body’s messengers of balance, energy, fertility and serenity.

Mineral/Metal Analysis

Mineral and element composition to help determine cellular stress including heavy metals.

Genetic Health

Test your genes for concise advice related to optimize longterm lifestyle and dietary choices.

Food Sensitivity Test

Remove the guesswork: see what foods may be more detrimental than beneficial for you.

Digestion Maximization

Stool analysis to create a protocol: revitalize microbiota, nourish the gut and manage GI issues.

Are you ready to get healthy?

Nicole will help you define attainable goals and assist you in your journey towards optimal health.

All-natural Skin and Hair Care

Simplify your skin and hair care regime with all natural, organic serums produced in Montreal. These serums can be purchased on the Lifestyle Naturopathy shop.

Integral to reducing my anxiety

Reflexology sessions with Nicole have been integral in reducing my anxiety. I feel relaxed and lighter after each session. Everyone should try it!
Kalin Poirier
Kalin Poirier

A much better state of being and wellness

I highly recommend Nicole. She has helped me with many issues with her naturopath treatments. She will do all that she can to assist you on your healing journey with her knowledge, experience, wisdom, instinct and care. Nicole will work with you as a team, to guide you towards a much better state of being and wellness. She is very supportive as well as you walk along the healing path. Someone who you can count on…that’s a rare quality and she has it…I have experienced healing through Nicole’s guidance and that’s why I’m continuing to work with her on raising the bar to even a higher state of divine being and health. Thank you Nicole…with gratitude.

Mark Pinkus
Mark Pinkus

Feeling so much better

…it’s only been a few weeks but already I can feel the change. Much more relaxed. Sleeping has MUCH improved (love the magnesium citrate) … I just feel amazing! I am doing all that Nicole said so it must be all of that combined that has contributed to this better well being.
Scott Gilchrist

A wonderful experience!

Nicole is a true talent in her field – what a wonderful experience!

Danielle Lee

I needed a professional like Nicole

I am very grateful that I came across Nicole’s pamphlet. I finally found somebody who could listen to me. I appreciated and needed that so much. Nicole showed a very open mind and would always listen with a lot of interest. I loved that about Nicole. I learned how to avoid heavy metal contamination in my everyday life, such as using parchment paper instead of aluminum foil. I am still training myself to live in the present. I am following Nicole’s advice to take different paths to move from one place to another. I am doing a good job avoiding foods that I react to. I recommend the food sensitivity test to everyone. I am also doing a good job researching the toxic ingredients in my personal products like shampoo or lotion. Thank you, Nicole, for everything you’ve done for me and everything you’ve taught me.

Ramatou Ganda

All aspects of my well-being

Nicole is attentive to all the aspects of my well-being: by creating a supplement agenda according to the season and to my general conditions, with foot reflexology sessions and by raising awareness about my health as a whole. I am definitely in a better place since I met her. Thanks Nicole!

Antonella Castellana

Truly appreciated

Dear Nicole, Your care is truly appreciated.

Carmel Rose Nathan


I came to Nicole with a host of problems, and she always treated me with dignity, patience, and respect. I was suffering a great deal of discomfort when and after eating, and at her suggestion, I had an RMA FST test done, to help determine which foods I was sensitive and reactive to. What a game-changer! I now know what foods to avoid, and can make far better nutrition choices thanks to her help.
Robyn Stroll
Owner of Thésaurus Tea

Voted one of the three best Naturopathic Clinics in Montreal 2022, 2023 & 2024!

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