healthy fruitHow to Prepare:

  1. Journal your food intake including bowel movements, emotions, water intake and physical activity.
  2. Contemplate and write down 3 health goals.
  3. Bring the full list of any medications and supplements, including dosages.

Understand the requests of your body through communicative symptomology and enrich yourself with the knowledge of how to gain the best nutritional support using whole foods.

Benefits of consultations:
• Eat the foods right for your body type, stage of life, nutritional needs
• Digest easily
• Identify foods and eating habits inappropriate for your personal health
• Find and maintain a healthy weight
• Cleanse or build up the body’s system organs
• Heal the soul through positive eating

Lifestyle Naturopathy gives expert advice on nutriceuticals including recommending the right brands, how and when to take supplements, ensuring safety with any prescribed medications, with tests available for your genetic and cellular needs.

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