Cooking Classes

Learn Vegan Cooking
Incorporate whole grains, seaweeds, sprouts and excellent meat/dairy/egg alternatives to bring your culinary awareness to a new level!
• Eliminate or reduce expensive processed veggie options
• A must for anyone wanting to improve their health using whole foods

Replenish yourself with living foods. Maximize your enzyme intake and reap the benefits of creative dishes of beauty.

• Identify how to incorporate raw into the everyday
• Choose ingredients to create nutritionally complete meals

Sweet treats of health
Sweet tooth? Banish yearning with a hearty satisfaction sure to set the record straight on desserts as an essential part of nourishing yourself!
• Learn the sugars to heighten your taste buds rather than your blood sugar levels
• Practice baking sweets to

Cultivate your vitality
Discover the methods of creating anti-oxidant synergistic fermented foods using simple ingredients. A sure way to build your intuition!

Ancient yogic practices *currently not available
Fasting, neti pots, neti strings, cloth swallowing and guided visualization to welcome the spiritual embodiment of you.

Spice of life
Create attractive foods to satisfy! This course aims to flourish your meals with a variety of herbs and spices used in unique ways. Abandon your self to a rediscovery of the fragrant world around you!
• Welcome in techniques to help save time
• Leftover dilemmas? Create anew here!