Exquisite Vegan Butter!

Exquisite Vegan Garlic Butter

I created this little gem on Christmas morning to serve at the dinner I was hosting that evening. This butter is simple and ridiculously yummy!

3 tbsp organic coconut oil
3 tbsp organic olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp dried dill weed
2 pinches of salt
Hand blend using a blending wand until creamy and smooth. Enjoy!


****** Beurre à l’ail végétalien exquis

J’ai créé ce petit délice le matin de Noël pour servir au dîner que j’organisais ce soir-là. Ce beurre est simple et ridiculement délicieux!

3 cuillères à soupe d’huile de coco biologique

3 cuillères à soupe d’huile d’olive biologique

1 c. à thé d’aneth séché

2 gousses de l’ail

2 pincées de sel

Mélangez à la main à l’aide d’une mélangeur à main jusqu’à consistance crémeuse et lisse. Bon appétit !

Why I Stopped ‘Being’ Vegan

“Why did you stop being vegan?” This common personal question I hear comes from a wide number of people. The answer to it holds a variety of my personal experiences, of which I can seek to describe.

Have you heard of e-prime? I feel entirely impressed on the rare occasions I come across someone who knows about e-prime. The purpose of ‘priming the English language’ stems from acknowledging the need for subjective communication as opposed to objective statements. E-prime removes the absolutist ‘is’ and all its conjugated forms. This idea fascinated me and I adhered to my efforts in speaking and writing in e-prime as much as I valued and adhered to my strict vegan lifestyle and food choices.

My experience with both veganism for seven full years and e-prime for about as long brought wonderful change, wisdom and diversity into my life. During that time my education into the healing arts (healer heal thyself) along with another major life transition allowed me the time, space and energy to look deeper into my sense of identity, my truest values, my greatest hopes and my ability to connect with the life around me (people, animals, nature).

I examined my belief systems, my health, my relationships and my spirituality. I witnessed how much work I had to do on myself, the heaviness of my judgements towards society and my self-centered ego. I felt the ungrounded unease in my body, a greater respect for humanity and a vast awareness of the meat industry. I battled with the fear of being judged and of needing to make changes for myself that reflected my knowledge, that felt right inside, that challenged my limits and allo

wed me to make choices that integrated my heart with that of the earth’s.

Now, I do choose to buy and cook organic local grassfed meats, I do seek to make use of all the animal and I do eat chicken feet (a rich source of collagen) and organ meat. I continue to eat many vegan meals and I love learning about different cultures and opening my mind to the vastness of sustainable protein sources, such as crickets. Yes, I do eat crickets. I love hearing about people choosing to adapt vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and I am delighted to work with them to ensure that they can reach their goals and live their own personal values. When meeting with any client, I remove my personal judgement so that I may listen and truly hear the person and I feel immensely grateful to do so.

Holding a uKa cricket protein bar, wearing a rabbit bone earring.

Finally, I choose to write this blog post in e-prime. I frequently draw from all that I gained from writing and speaking in e-prime, much as I do from my time living vegan.

The Giving of a Gift


Why do we give gifts?

When we give someone a gift it is an expression of gratitude, attention and love. When we give from a connected perspective of our time, our heart and our logic we catch the same anticipation of the person receiving the gift. A gift in return isn’t necessary because our own pleasure is captured in the outward expression of joy when the perfect gift is given.

Reflexology is the perfect gift.

A session dedicated to mental calm, spiritual serenity and physical deep relaxation is ideal for any and all. Giving the gift of reflexology shows a caring attitude, attention to the individual and is incredibly thoughtful.

And best of all? The savings by purchasing up to 5 reflexology sessions is excellent. A win-win in all ways!

514 651 8382 or nixsy@cheerful.com

Pourquoi donnons-nous des cadeaux?

Lorsque nous donnons un cadeau à quelqu’un, c’est une expression de gratitude, d’attention et d’amour.

Quand nous donnons à partir d’une perspective connectée de notre temps, notre cœur et notre logique, nous prenons la même anticipation de la personne qui reçoit le cadeau. Un don en retour n’est pas nécessaire parce que notre propre plaisir est capturé dans l’expression extérieure de la joie lorsque le don parfait est donné.

La réflexologie est le cadeau parfait.

Une séance dédiée au calme mental, à la sérénité spirituelle et à la relaxation physique profonde est idéale pour tous. Donner le cadeau de la réflexologie montre une attitude attentionnée, l’attention à l’individu et est incroyablement réfléchie.

Et le meilleur de tous? Les économies réalisées en achetant jusqu’à 5 séances de réflexologie sont excellentes! Un gagnant-gagnant de toutes les manières!

514 651 8382 ou nixsy@cheerful.com

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

The luscious flavour of citrus fruits; the pink grapefruit is both loved and disliked for its low pH, a tantalizing mix of sweet and sour. Rich in a cornucopia of wonder, here are a few of its superpowers:

  • Lycopene:
    • the carotenoid phytochemical antioxidant responsible for the pink/red colouring of the flesh. Many supplements for cardiovascular and prostate health utilize lycopene.
  • Rutin:
    • found in the pith of the fruit (the white soft matter between the skin and flesh), rutin is a bioflavonoid and works adjunctively with vitamin C. Supplements used for vascular health will often list rutin as a primary ingredient. Try not to forget about and waste the pith when juicing!
  • Vitamin C:
    • Possibly the most well known vitamin, vitamin C supports immunity, healthy aging and a full gamut of nutritional wellbeing.
  • Fiber (soluble and insoluble), minerals… the list goes on! Additionally, the high notes of grapefruit aroma is a clean fresh scent that the body responds well to. The seeds can taste incredibly bitter and are very potent as an extract against bacteria and fungus.

However, due to the grapefruits ability to effect the cardiovascular system, this can result in the contraindications known for many medications, often permitting greater blood flow and delivery of the drug in higher amounts than usual, it can also inhibit the breakdown of the drug in the body; inversely, with some medications, it can do precisely the opposite. Depending on the individual and the medications being taken, the mixture can produce undesirable results. Pharmacies can provide a list of foods to avoid with certain medications.

Being informed plays such a major role in feeling good. Meeting with your naturopath can serve as a light in making the best decisions for your day to day health care. Call today to make an appointment.

Nature And Nurture

Nature vs. nurture? I prefer nature and nurture; knowing your genetic composition can yield information to help you make the best possible heath changes suitable to you. Genetic testing has been made accessible and knowing your ancestry can be quite fascinating. Furthering results into a specific protocol is the aim of the Nutrigenomix® test that I offer to my clients.

I enjoy going over the results and seeing the acknowledgement of results that confirm both the intuition and experience of my clients as well as the surprise that comes with some of the results.

Displaying 45 inherited traits in the 25 page expanse of a colourful and easy to read and understand report, it can serve as a life-time volume of personal knowledge. Activating and silencing genes -we participate in this constant process whether we know it or not. Learning how to best influence our bodies with lifestyle habits and nutritional choices, is the goal of Lifestyle Naturopathy.

One nice aspect of testing is that this supports those with a strong foundation of health. Exercise, fresh foods, adequate sleep, play and purpose serves as the baseline of health for all. Gaining deeper awareness towards your susceptibility in metabolization of certain nutrients and foods, along with your genetic tendencies for body composition, common food intolerances and your best strategies for exercise is what the Nutrigenomix® testing is all about.

The test is simple, accurate and non-invasive. Schedule your appointment by either calling/texting 514-651-8382 or emailing nixsy@cheerful.com to take your health to the next level! Reports are available in English or in French.   🙂


Allergy or Sensitivity?

A valid point is made in this article, however, many people may not understand the distinction between a true food allergy caused by the release of histamine by IgE antibodies and food sensitivities via the immune reaction of IgG antibodies.

The avoidance of a food for the purpose of a health related goal can be done respectfully without causing added stress to those in the food service industry and without speaking dishonestly. Gluten and dairy are ubiquitous and difficult to avoid and restaurants can do more to enhance their awareness of alternatives. Teamwork is the key -both the host and the customer need to make an effort for clarity and communication.

Are you interested in knowing whether you have an allergy or a food sensitivity? Lifestyle Naturopathy routinely tests clients. The IgG assay tests for 120 different food sensitivities with the option of assorted add-ons. The IgE panels offer testing of the most common allergy causing foods and inhalants.

Call and book an appointment today to inform yourself.

Knowledge goes a long way in gaining health and maintaining well-being.

Facing Addictions and Choosing Life

The human body can dance in a choreographed healing of utter beauty. Like the mending that occurs following a physical wound to the skin, the spirit repairs the emotional wounds. Our bodies require the building blocks of amino-acids, minerals, fatty acids and co-factors to generate the tissue needed; likewise our emotional component requires the loving present support of those who care. Connection is fundamental in healing. Without the proper intervention we may suffer needlessly; which, does not mean that we ought to blame ourselves, but simply that until we obtain the care required, that the effects of the damage can be felt and coped with for a very long time.

**our emotional component requires the loving present support of those who care**

Coping mechanisms save lives; but they do not heal.

Lifestyle Naturopathy recognizes that every individual carries pain. Pain: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental manifests physiologically; this means that for every registered abuse, from parental neglect, bullying, childhood sexual abuse (including incest), social and school anxiety, rejections, deaths, accidents, violence and any other circumstances beyond the scope of our ability to handle in an effective and conclusive way will scar deeply. The physiological effects run deep, every emotion felt derives from a molecular component produced which communicates to our cells. Our cells are alive. Our sentient wholeness comes from the synergistic life of our whole bodies, not simply the electrical impulses of our brain or heart.

When we use food, alcohol, drugs, sex/porn, avoidance, extreme sports/violence, sugar, friends/family/colleagues (co-dependence), or any other substance or behaviour to change our connection to our feelings we prevent our innate movement towards healing.

**we seek to add to your professional support team**

Lifestyle Naturopathy seeks to direct the attention and awareness to these coping mechanisms. Healing addictions is outside the scope of our services, but we seek to add to your professional support team. Stress management, lifestyle and food choices, learning about your specific physiological needs through testing and relaxation via reflexology define some of the modalities used to support each individual to discover their potential, trust their bodies and gain the health and energy needed to reach their goals!

We can and we do heal and recover!

For long term viable support of addictions, professional support is required.  The ‘therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel’ and 12 Step groups serve as a meeting ground of equals.

Wikipedia lists these groups:
• AA – Alcoholics Anonymous
• ACA – Adult Children of Alcoholics
• Al-Anon/Alateen, for friends and families of alcoholics
• CA – Cocaine Anonymous
• CLA – Clutterers Anonymous
• CMA – Crystal Meth Anonymous
• Co-Anon, for friends and family of addicts
• CoDA – Co-Dependents Anonymous, for people working to end patterns of dysfunctional relationships and develop functional and healthy relationships
• COSA – an auxiliary group of Sex Addicts Anonymous
• COSLAA – CoSex and Love Addicts Anonymous
• DA – Debtors Anonymous
• EA – Emotions Anonymous, for recovery from mental and emotional illness
• FA – Families Anonymous, for relatives and friends of addicts
• FA – Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
• FAA – Food Addicts Anonymous
• GA – Gamblers Anonymous
• Gam-Anon/Gam-A-Teen, for friends and family members of problem gamblers
• HA – Heroin Anonymous
• MA – Marijuana Anonymous
• NA – Narcotics Anonymous
• N/A – Neurotics Anonymous, for recovery from mental and emotional illness
• Nar-Anon, for friends and family members of addicts
• NicA – Nicotine Anonymous
• OA – Overeaters Anonymous
• OLGA – Online Gamers Anonymous
• PA – Pills Anonymous, for recovery from prescription pill addiction.
• PAA – Porn Addicts Anonymous
• SA – Sexaholics Anonymous
• SA – Smokers Anonymous
• SAA – Sex Addicts Anonymous
• SCA – Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
• SIA – Survivors of Incest Anonymous
• SLAA – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
• SRA – Sexual Recovery Anonymous
• UA – Underearners Anonymous
• WA – Workaholics Anonymous

Victimhood And Empowerment In Holistic Medicine

A major appeal of the natural care movement stems from the empowerment people feel as they learn about nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep hygiene, medicinal herbs and begin to put it into practice.

A strong rhetoric that comes from this wave of thinking and living is the idea of ‘there are no victims’. By acknowledging the emotional and mental role of health it is possible to manipulate the body. The effects of positive thinking, visualization and meditation can be incredibly powerful. Many seek to understand the inner peace obtained by listening to the messages that come in the form of symptoms, seeking to master and control the body.

However, this can lead to two impediments: firstly, a misconception of auto-sufficiency and internalizing blame for illnesses. The interconnectedness that allows us to lead fulfilling lives depends upon wholesome participation in life. By accepting illness as a matter of life we can lift ourselves from a frame of mind of anger directed at ourselves or others and simply respond to our bodies as lovingly as possible, with the appropriate professional care.

Being a victim happens. The inability to control the world around us, our bodies, and how others treat us is part of being human. We can learn instead about the ability to take a step back to choose the most appropriate response, how to care for the unique needs of our bodies and how to set real boundaries.

Lifestyle Naturopathy supports the process of healing and health through each life stage and event. Naturopathic consulations can open the door to new ways of thinking and living. Reflexology sessions relax and support the body’s innate mending.

Make an appointment today: 514 651 8382.

The Politics of Health

A common refrain heard in the health community is that it is expensive to be healthy. Supplements can range in the hundreds of dollars for one purchase, impacting the wallets of hard working individuals seeking to feel better. Ideally, supplemental use ought to be a stepping stone towards better eating and lifestyle habits rather than a dependency. Genetics play a role as well; determining individual greater or lesser needs for certain nutrients. Seeing the money link is easy from a personal perspective, but how deep does the money trail go in modern health politics?

Research is crucial and costly. Resources are often limited. Trust cannot be purchased yet we desire to buy from the companies that we trust. When companies are bought out, it can feel like a betrayal. Sometimes a product is recalled due to a bad batch creating distrust to the same product with different lot numbers. Headlines read can seem to negate beliefs and what the friendly person at the health food store said. A long-time friend reveals a state of values that differs greatly from your own and it twists your intestinal track in discomfort. Dealing with politics is rarely easy. We have our daily roles and opinions. We read the news with varying degrees of dismay and horror, wondering how the world can heal and feeling the compulsion to either stuff down emotions with food or avoid eating altogether.

Dealing with politics takes skill and self-care. We can start with our own politics. By honestly expressing ourselves we relieve the pressure of believing we have to be something that we are not. We can present our budget and request that it be respected in the purchase of supplements. We can seek out a lifestyle that minimizes convenience. We can close our eyes and breathe when faced with differing opinions, allowing each breath to push the diaphragm down and massage our intestines, releasing tension. The more we seek to educate ourselves, the greater the disparity seems to grow –yet we cannot block out the world. As our mind grows, so must our emotional capacity along with the application of principles.

We need acuity to sort through what is simply a great sales pitch and what is political quackery. Our belief systems do have a physiological component. Generally, people will seek out what promotes a sense of unity; belonging and community, or at times power and justice can be the compelling force. These ‘feelings’ are a compound of peptides that correspond to distinct emotions. The more an idea flourishes a ‘good’ feeling, the more it is endeared to the believer.

Our emotions are not etheric in nature. Rather what we feel derives from a shift and flow in the production and reception of peptides. These proteins are responsible for the sensations we experience and correlate with the peptides that form our thoughts that are involved in the electrical charges that govern our body; our pH levels. Adjusting our pH levels through our food choices affects the body as a whole: including our physical sense of wellbeing, but also our mental and emotional states as well.

We attend and belong to organizations because a sense of acceptance, love and empathy allows us to feel good. The integrity of safety comes with a common focus of selflessness, and this can be found when we volunteer and help one another or even by asking for and accepting help; exemplifying goodwill and purpose towards unity. In this way, we create harmony and we can feel this reflected in our mood, our food choices, our energy levels and our sense of self-worth within our own body and within the world.

Call Lifestyle Naturopathy to learn more about how you can heal holistically.


Winter Festivities

The abundance of nature can be experienced in full form with preparation and a touch of determination. Facing the chill of the wind can be daunting when the warmth and coziness of home with tasty drinks and warm treats beckons. But once outside, the colours of home appear that much more inviting for a restful evening after an outdoor adventure.

Whether it be skating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or simply walking the trodden pathways while admiring the ice tipped branches illuminated from the snow shining up from below, getting outside and working up a sweat feels great!

The benefits of regular exercise are nearly limitless in scope of human health and well-being.

Circulation increases and because every component of our bodies is dependent upon cardiac function all of our muscles and organs will appreciate the efforts.

So what are a few tips for these outdoorsy activities?

■Hydration! Drinking water before, during and after decreases the perception of intensity and allows for a more invigorating session with the impression of it being moderate exercise.

□Moisturization! The elements of the winter: icy sharp winds with snowfall and a bright sun can really be harsh on the face. Using a skin oil serum after cleansing the face and before applying skin cream and some SPF sun care cream will protect your complexion.

■Stretching and starting off slowly. While wearing layers is the way to go, warming up the skeletal-muscles allows for a better workout. Most winter activities will activate your core muscles and those of your extremities. A good stretch afterwards will feel wonderful too!

□Snacks. A little bit of food can go a long way! Being outdoors calls for continuous movement for the best experience. Having a snack handy can be enjoyable. Allow the contrast and lighting to capture your attention and attend to your appetite once you’ve worked up a real hunger!

■BE PRESENT! It can be remarkably easy to get caught up in picture taking, thinking, music and conversing. The winter has the unique ability to capture silence in the air. Take a few moments to listen to the sounds of your own breath as you move. It will create a magical effect to hear the world around you renewed!

Warm winter wishes and good health await you!