What can I expect?

Nicole Reilkoff, ND is a certified Naturopath and member of the ANPQ, practicing from her office at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex.

Your first session is a thorough and careful assessment of your current emotional and physiological status; this allows Nicole Reilkoff to properly formulate a guide for you toward optimal holistic health and wellbeing.

Nicole Reilkoff will meticulously record your initial consultation, gently guiding you through your own description of your present condition. Her preliminary sessions are designed to assess you as a unique individual and determine the intricacies of your current health, in order to apply the optimum therapeutic strategies that would be most beneficial for you.  Although we may share similar ailments,   these conditions operate uniquely within each individual and must be attended to accordingly. Nicole Reilkoff works carefully to properly assess each patient in order to determine the holistic remedies best suited to each individual.

Using her considerable knowledge, training, and experience with the restorative power of precise and proper nutrition, Nicole Reilkoff can help you design a specialized food regimen to form your solid foundation for overall health.  Changing our eating habits can be a challenge. Success depends upon gradual and steady modification.  Nicole Reilkoff will guide you toward realistic adjustments through nutritional counseling that suits your present lifestyle.

With the aid of a variety of tests, such as IgE and/or IgG, hormonal assays (estrogen/testosterone/cortisol/DHEA), heavy metal analysis, omega 3, vitamin D and many more, including conventional blood tests, Nicole Reilkoff uses this information to give direction for dietary and lifestyle changes, including the use of specific nutriceuticals.

Nicole Reilkoff is highly skilled in the use of Foot Reflexology as a hands-on intuitive therapeutic procedure for assisting her patients to achieve wellness. Practiced for centuries, Nicole Reilkoff has integrated the intrinsic benefits of this relaxing and healing modality to support the specific emotional needs of clients using guided meditation.